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Just one review from my husband’s YouTube review channel “Saturday Morning Cheap Seats”. He reviews Wonder Woman, It Comes at Night and many many more… this week Transformers will be added.

If you love movies like I do, check them out! They’re a lot of fun
Fate of the Furious


Have You Heard of Charity Miles?

This is a free app, and it donates to charity when you walk, jog, or bike.  If you’re indoors it counts miles using your phone pedometer.  If you’re outdoors, it uses gps.  

  • It can run in the background.  I run it behind podcasts and Pokémon Go
  • Other cardio works, I use an arm band with it for TurboFire 
  • You pick from a variety of charities.  I pick Autism Speaks, because I have two daughters with autism. St Jude etc are options
  • The donations come from companies, it will tell you the company that is sponsoring the workout you’re about to do when you start the app.

It has been added motivation for me, and as someone without a lot of disposable income it’s a way to give back.  

What Supplements Do I Take?  Why Don’t I Rattle When I Walk?!!

First, a disclaimer.  I’m not a doctor. I’m not a personal trainer.  I’m not even a Beachbody Coach.  I have no right or ability to tell you what supplements to take.  

This is simply a record of what I’ve found that works for me. 

First thing in the morning/pre workout drink.  Two scoops of ON Amino Energy, one-half teaspoon creatine monohydrate, and one-fourth teaspoon baking soda.  

With breakfast:  one of my two per day multi vitamins, one fish oil, one vitamin D, one glucosamine sulfate, one DHEA, one milk thistle, and one acidophilus

If the workout for the day includes weights, a protein shake after.

With lunch:  fish oil, b complex, glucosamine sulfate, acidophilus, collagen, chromium piccolinate, vitamin C, and multi vitamin 

With dinner:  acidophilus, ginger root, fish oil, cod liver oil, magnesium, and collagen 

I also take a fat burner a couple times per day. 

So, that’s my day in supplements.  I do count the supplement calories in my daily calorie count.  

Wow…The Wonder Woman Movie Is Fitspo Now!

I’ve been seeing blogs, etc saying Wonder Woman and the Amazons from the movie helped inspire strong workouts.  One of my favorite blogs had a guest poster today say it so well, I even reblogged the post.

I thought it was me.  I’m a huge fan of the Wonder Woman comic, and Gal Gadot portrayed her beautifully. The amazons had me on the edge of my seat.  I’m sure I wasn’t breathing much.  I’ve seen it twice, and I tense up excited wanting to tell everyone to just go SEE it so we can talk about it!  

And now I want to workout.  See?  And, I worked out today already.

What is it?  I get inspiration from a lot of strong women.  I love fitness competition coverage.  I’m not naive, I’ll never compete, but I pour over the competition coverage like I could.  I read competitor blogs.  I follow them on Instagram.  I listen to bodybuilding podcasts.  

For me, I think it’s the group of Amazons.  How often do we see warrior women in a group obviously so fit, strong, and while they are very beautiful and have sex appeal, that’s not why they’re there. They’re there to train, to be strong.  

And no one laughs.  

As a woman, this is such an empowering feeling.  I’ve had the well-meaning friend warn me to “not get too big” when hearing I strength train.  I won’t..but it’s my hormones, not the advice 😂.  I’m so happy to take my young niece to this movie.  Strong women are cool…see?  I don’t even have to say it…she raised her fist and cheered.  She wants to be Wonder Woman.

You’re not the only one…us Wonder Women need to stick together 

How the Amazons got me to go to the gym (Guest Post)


Like seemingly everyone else, I went to see Wonder Woman this past weekend, and I’ve got to say, it is one of my new problematic faves. For a couple of reasons that it’s problematic, see here and here and here. For a couple of reasons that it’s my fave, see here and here and, most importantly:

Antiope (portrayed by Robin Wright), dressed in leather battle gear, prepares to punch a WWI German soldier, who is dressed in an olive green military uniform. Antiope, Diana’s aunt and the greatest general in Amazon history, fighting a German soldier during a battle on a beach in Themyscira.

There are plenty of discussions to be had about this movie, ranging from the sharply critical to the “OH MY GOD THE AMAZONS THO.”

This post will be closer to the latter.

For the uninitiated, the Amazons are a group of women warriors. They are the inhabitants of Wonder Woman’s home, Themyscira, a hidden island where no men live (and is thus a queer culture). The first twenty-ish minutes of

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Enjoy the Journey, A Lesson I Need to Learn (eek includes before and current side by side)

I’ve met my original weight loss goal.  September 25, 2015 I had a hysterectomy.  The surgery corrected a lot of issues that were physically and mentally holding me back for years.  I promised myself I would get healthy as soon as my doctor cleared me.  

I started tracking my weight on 11/30/2015, and I have every Monday since.  On that day, I weighed 159.0.  That isn’t great for someone that is 4’11.  I did what workouts I could until I started Piyo.

Piyo is an 8 week program I did twice.  It’s a Pilates and yoga mix.  After Piyo, I immediately started Chalene Extreme.  Chalene Extreme is a weight training program.  It’s 16 weeks long.  When I finished that program, I went into P90X3.  P90X3 is basically Circuit training…30 minutes a day.  Now I’m in week 9 of TurboFire.  TurboFire is cardio, a lot of HIIT, and some strength training.  

No, I’m not a Beachbody coach.  I like their programs.

My weight starting Piyo 5/30/16 was 131.8.  I finished Piyo at 119.4.  I finished Chalene Extreme from there at 108.2.  I finished P90X3 at 108.6.  

I’m 109.4 today.  My original goal was 115.  I’m aiming for 105 by my 40th birthday on July 20th.  

I love working out.  I’m odd, but I love taking vitamins and pre workout.  I need to focus on enjoying the journey more.

Below is me on day 1 of Piyo at 131.6 and day 1 of TurboFire at 108.6.  I need to have some perspective.

Beetnik Paleo Frozen Meals Review 

I was beyond excited to find these at my local Walmart. Paleo, low sodium, gluten free, and easy to make?!?! They weren’t insanely priced either.  
Now, as for my diet. I’m not paleo. I have celiac disease, so I am strictly gluten free. I calorie count, because I believe Jillian Michaels and follow nearly everything she says. I try to keep my sodium 2,000mg or under daily. Again, because Jillian said so. I’m working on not eating anything with over 6mg of sugar…because Jackie Warner said so, and hello Jackie’s abs!!!
I’ve also been known to recently dive into the Easter candy, and I’m Jewish. So, I guess you could call my diet “usually pretty good, doing my best anyway.” 😂. I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I’m working daily to keep it off. I’m also trying to see how fit I can get 💪
So, on to the review- 

Beef Chili and Sweet Potato
* Calories: 290

* Protein: 20g

* Carbs: 29g

* Fat: 10g

* Sodium: 240mg

* Sugar: 7g
This is the one I will probably buy every once in awhile. It wasn’t GREAT, but it was pretty good for a spicy chili option without too much sodium. If you try it, it’s REALLY spicy…be prepared!

Organic Shepherds Pie With Grass Fed Beef
* Calories: 350

* Protein: 18g

* Carbs: 29g

* Fat: 17g

* Sodium: 210mg

* Sugar: 5g
Have you ever had Shepherds Pie? The people at Beetnik sure haven’t. This was watered down mashed potatoes with a couple of what I think were supposed to be vegetables in it. It was super bland, and I was hungry after eating it. The chicken was so chewy and fatty I will never get this again.

Organic Lemon Chicken With Cauliflower Rice 
* Calories: 150

* Protein: 20g

* Carbs: 13g

* Fat: 2.5g

* Sodium: 160mg

* Sugar: 3G
What is it with Beetnik and fatty, chewy meat? The “rice” was water with a little bit of shaved cauliflower in it. The meal tasted like water. I love that they are low sodium, but hey, other spices are ok!!! I won’t touch this again.

Paleo Organic Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry
* Calories: 200

* Protein: 13g

* Carbs: 33g

* Fat: 2g

* Sodium: 210mg

* Sugar: 8g
To be fair, I’ve never been a stir fry person. This was another case of chewy meat and water with a couple of vegetables. I added cheddar cheese…didn’t help.  
I’ll be steering clear of all of these except occasionally the chili. I’m from Cincinnati, so it’s probably me missing Skyline Chili. Gold Star is popular here too, but it has gluten.
Here is the frozen Skyline info for comparison. 

Skyline Chili – no pasta
* Calories: 580

* Protein: 54g

* Carbs: 10g

* Fat: 34g

* Sodium: 2,400mg

* Sugar: 6g
So I’m still on the hunt for easy and healthy I guess 🙄

IIFYM? Calories? Low Carb? Paleo? Gluten Free?

I’ve lost the weight, and I’m keeping it off.  One hour on google and I’m confused about what to eat!!!  

Why is it so hard?  The truth is…

It depends.  That truth just simply sucks when you’re trying to figure it all out.  I could give you my myfitnesspal username (AmyMOhio).  You could match my diet and workouts day by day.  You might not get to my weight.  You might feel awful.  It truly is person to person.  

The only thing that matters 100 percent of the time is calories.  I have to eat gluten free due to a food allergy, but it’s not required to lose weight.  I try to have a higher percentage of protein than carbs, but I’m not following exact macros.  Some people do, especially fitness competitors and bodybuilders.  

Do I eat paleo?  Some of my meals are paleo.  I love ❤️ the paleo people.  Way to make a ton of gluten free options.  

It’s all incredibly confusing.  I know. It took me years of quitting, trying many diets, failing, succeeding, falling off the wagon, kicking the wagon while swearing, and finally finding MY way. 

 All of the diets have good points and bad points. The best thing you can do is find one you can get excited about trying.  If you’re miserable on it, stop and try something else.  No matter which one you wind up finding success with, someone is going to say it doesn’t work.  Right to your face.  Yes, even though you’re proof. 

But it feels sooo good to be proof.

“They” Were Right…Mindset is Everything 

It’s really crazy how many times I’ve heard or read the same fitness tips and quotes over my lifetime.  It’s even crazier how often the things I heard over and over were right.  I want to scream “it’s all mindset!” I really want to shake those I love and who are unhealthy, and tell them the truth.  It’s mindset…it’s not about perfection…it’s truly ok to mess up on your diet sometimes…it takes a long time, but the time is going to pass anyway…yes, it’s worth it!!!  

I heard those things, though.  I heard all the right things to do to be healthy.  I read all the right books written by the top health and fitness experts.  I didn’t use the information until I was ready.  I had to change before all the knowledge I had could be put to use.  

That’s a hard pill to swallow.  I don’t have the excuses that I didn’t know what to do or that I didn’t have the right program or gym membership.  I always knew what to do.  I’m fine-tuning now, but it’s aesthetic, not necessary. All workout programs will help… I’ve done different programs all with a different focus area… it was the consistency that made the difference.  I still don’t have a gym membership.  I workout at home.  

The worst part?  I can’t help anyone BUT myself.  No matter what, they have to change their own mindset on their own…