3 Weeks of Chalean Extreme

It’s time to get Extreme baby!!

I’m getting pretty tired of putting on weight little by little. So, I pulled myself together. Woe is me, I’m going backwards…

No, I have the knowledge. I haven’t gone all the way back to where I started, and I have an unbelievable support system in my husband.

Yes, I have stress. Two disabled kids and a job interview tomorrow is on the short list. At some point, that just feels like an excuse. I’m always going to have stress.

The next three weeks I’m going to do a week of each phase of Chalean Extreme. I’ll throw in Piyo on the rest days.

This week:

Monday: Burn Circuit 1

Tuesday: Piyo Sweat

Wednesday: Burn Circuit 2

Thursday: Burn Intervals & Ab Burner

Friday: Burn Circuit 3

Saturday: Burn it Off & Recharge

Sunday: Piyo Drench

These 3 weeks will lead me into doing Jillian’s BodyShred Program.

My diet is going back to basics (which seems to always work best.)

Macros have been figured using “MyMacros” and entered into MyFitnessPal

I also bought a food scale to get the most accurate macro measurement of my food.

One of my favorite fitness professionals Pauline Nordin talked me into the food scale on her podcast. It’s amazing, so check it out.

Off to work on something else I’ve been slacking on!


1 Week of Cindy

My husband and I are going to do BodyShred starting 2/26/18. Until then I have some workout free time 🤗

I’ve been struggling big time with diet. I’ve been eating when I’m stressed, happy, sad, and insert random emotion here.

I weighed in at 124.4 this week, and I’m not thrilled about it. I’ve decided I need to make diet and exercise fun again. So, I’m going back to my “roots” this week.

I did this Cindy Crawford workout VHS around 1999 when I was over 200lbs. All I could lift were canned goods, and the workout kicked my butt like crazy. It was fun, though, and I liked doing it. This week I’m doing it again with 8 & 10 pound dumbbells.

Monday – workout 1

Tuesday- workout 2

Wednesday- TurboFire Fire 45 & Stretch

Thursday- workout 1

Friday- workout 2

Saturday- TurboFire Fire 45 & Stretch 10

I love Fitness.

I love reading/studying nutrition info

I love the process

I just need to remind myself that I love it

50 Dollars a Year – Invested in ME

So, thanks to a very supportive husband I took a leap of good faith in myself.

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for a long time, and today I signed up for the Premium Service. It’s $50 a year, and I admit, when compared to the cost of a gym or trainer (I workout at home), it doesn’t seem like much. It does feel like I’m making a statement. I’m paying to track macros more effectively. I’m paying to not have my exercise calories added into my calorie allowance (like Jillian says.) I’m paying for bonus content. There’s a lot more to premium that I have to explore, but it feels like I’m claiming my fitness goals.

I’m making a statement- I’m going to reach my goals. I’m a serious exercise person. I’m really into tracking my macros and getting to know how my body works.

Who knew it would bring on this motivation level!?!?

Wonder Woman Not Nominated

Yes, I love this movie. I saw it in the theater 4 times, and Gal Gadot posters hang in my house and at my desk at work.

That’s not the only reason it not being nominated sucks so much.

It’s the moment above that inspires me, still gives me chills (even when finding the still shot for this post), and makes me pause whatever I’m doing when it comes up in the movie at home.

Patty Jenkins used the blue smoke to make her outfit pop. I learned that in the Blu Ray special features. I learned from this moment that a woman CAN carry a big super hero movie. Right there, on that screen, was my childhood hero being my childhood hero.

The movie was one of the highest grossing movies of 2017. This made my imagination run wild. They, the movie people, have to take notice! Bring on Gwenpool! Bring on Black Widow! Bring on all my favorite female super heroes! Oooh a Scarlet Witch movie?!?! Or at least a bigger role for her…

I saw women crying in the theater. I saw my niece punch her fist in the air in victory from pure adrenaline and emotion. Yes, my little niece, you can totally take over the world.

Check out Saturday Morning Cheap Seats on YouTube. My husband gives a beautifully done review.

The academy forgot her. Or they ignored her. My husband is probably right. The people’s choice awards will most likely be Wonder Woman heavy.

I just hope the nominations – or lack of – doesn’t stop other female led and/or directed masterpieces.


I need to give myself perspective I guess.

To be completely honest, I fell way off the healthy eating wagon. I slammed my head into the wheel on the way down.

I stopped tracking my macros. I stopped tracking my calories.

However, the perspective I need is I didn’t let it last that long. I’ve been off track for about a week. I’ve been not quite as careful (still tracking, but going over limits consistently) for about a month.

Chalene says, “Don’t let a slip turn into a slide”

So, I’m not. I only went up to 123lbs. At 4’11, I’m within a healthy weight range. It’s the high end of healthy sure, and higher than I like for sure. But, it’s not back to square one.

And I have all the knowledge I need.

And I have an excellent support system (anyone who works out at home would be jealous. I have a husband who even gets my equipment set up.)

So, it’s back to it…and give myself a freaking break!

See Ya 2017

So, New Years resolutions… I usually set the most popular ones.

1. Lose weight – I do want to shed a little body fat and put on more lean mass. At 4’11 and hanging usually in the one-teens, I’d probably get beat up for setting this one now. I’m staying smaller than I’ve been in my adult life in a healthy way.

2. Work out more – well this one is in the bag now. I’ve finished Piyo, Chalean Extreme, P90X3, TurboFire, and P90X. I’m also on track to complete Jillian Michaels’ BodyShred. Next will be TurboFire/P90X hybrid, The Firm Body Sculpt, The Firm Body Sculpt Advanced Schedule, Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method, and then I’m thinking probably Chalean Extreme again. I have no doubt about my ability to complete these now..so I guess I could say a goal is to keep it up…but that’s not really a stretch.

Well, one of my favorite podcasts “The Productive Woman” suggested making a list of the past year what worked and what didn’t for what you wanted to accomplish. I did that, and it was pretty eye-opening.

What worked: my PUSH worksheets at first.. wow they work for motivation. I’ll have to write up sometime what they are. Working out this past year was amazing. I’ve done things I couldn’t have imagined at 20 or 30, and I’m 40! I’ve rediscovered my love for yarn crafts. I need to practice knitting more, but I’ve been crocheting again. It’s a tremendous stress relief. My relationship with my husband is wonderful, and I’m thankful for him everyday. My relationship with my parents is going well.. I’m an only child. Yay for nearly weekend movies together.

What didn’t work for me: My to do list fell off. This one bothers me. It’s really no wonder I feel unproductive. The list not only helps me remember what I need to do, it shows me how much I actually get done. My eating plan has fallen off lately. I feel it in my body. I may not have put all my weight back on, but I can feel the health/energy effects. My worksheets fell off about the same time. I don’t think that’s coincidence. Around the same time my water goal fell off…hmm. My fitness Blog and Instagram fell off too.

When I look at what didn’t “work for me” and think about why not..my excuse is I didn’t take the time to do it. It really is that simple.

My goal, Push goal to make my other goals possible, is to put a time management system into place. I had a great one…I really need to reimplement it.

Next I need to break that down into steps…I’ll be thinking that over during the long weekend!

P90X…Here We Go!

My husband and I have started P90X.  We’re doing the classic schedule.  Today is officially day two.  Yesterday was Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X.  Wow it’s so painfully (and I do mean painful still today 😂 ) that I have been doing a whole lot of cardio for a long time.  I can tell all of my strength isn’t gone, but I have some work to do to get back where I once was.  

My husband killed it.  

Today was Plyometrics- so walking tomorrow should be fun.  🤗

I love working out, and I admire fitness physiques in Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness Hers, so a weight training based program is what I should be doing for the results I want.  

The hard part is diet.  I’m not sure why I have a hard time linking my diet to my physique in my brain.  I know I’m an emotional eater, but it’s like I know what exercise can do to help me reach my goals.  I just have a disconnect when I want crap food… 

I just need to think…what would the people I admire physically do…

Ok, time to go drink more water 💦 

Stress is Never Going Away 

I live a stressed life.  I have two special needs daughters, and one is 13 and STILL possibly being diagnosed with more.  Waiting is never easy, especially when it can change your daily life and prognosis in a moment.  

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has stress.  I’m just working on finally accepting it’s not going anywhere for my family.

 I put on 12 pounds during the last 18 and 1/2 weeks o TurboFire.  I let my guard down.  I thought I had this emotional eating kicked.  I thought I was doing so good.  I was KEEPING THE WEIGHT OFF.  I knew what I was doing.  I was over it…after 40 years of using food to control emotions. 

I was an idiot.  

I have to stay vigilant.  I like to over eat when I’m stressed (and I know that is a constant) and beat myself up and then restrict until I binge after beating myself up for overeating.  I’ve done it all my life.  

P90X in a week and a half!  I can’t wait…I want some muscle now! I have some…but I know at 40, my metabolism and shape will be so much better!!!