August Goals

I’m going to keep August goals simple.  The end of June brought my daughter’s seizure and a July full of anxiety and eating too much.  So, here’s to letting July go completely.  There is not a thing that can be done about it now.  I’ll just be glad it’s a new month and keep going. 

1.  Weekly summaries vs daily – Chalene’s program has a daily worksheet to review each day.  I’ve found that nearly impossible to make myself do EVERY DAY.  One of my favorite podcasts “The Productive Woman” recommends a weekly summary.  I think the weekly summary seems much more “doable” for me.  Of course my myfitnesspal daily food log will be there and to do, but I will review weekly.  The August goal is to give this weekly review a try. 

2.  Speaking of weekly…no more middle of the week checking my weight.  Monday weigh ins are pleanty.  I KNOW I’m not going to see some huge difference on Wednesday.  There’s no reason to let myself get discouraged. 

3.  Finish TurboFire- I will finish the 20 week program on 8/27.  Another Beachbody shirt added to the collection. 

4.  Start P90X on 8/28 with my husband.  🤗

Of course my daily calorie, water, and macro goals remain.  


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