How Do You Do It?

I wish that was the answer πŸ˜‚ 

I’m writing this because I’ve seen it again.  A Facebook friend of mine from high school recently lost a significant amount of weight.  She looks AMAZING, and the comments of support came flooding in.  

Then, the questions started.  Some friends of hers asked how she did it. Now, my friend was positively GLOWING in her picture.  She told the truth.  She’s eating less, counting her calories.  She’s drinking a lot of water.  She’s exercising.  

Then the comments changed to excuses why they couldn’t do those things.  

I felt her pain.  I’m sure she gleefully told them what she has been doing.  She wanted the world to feel how she feels.  She found the answer.  She truly wants to help everyone she cares about.  

They want

She didn’t give them a pill name…some shake, patch, waist trainer, or something they can later sell.  It wasn’t some wrap.  

It sucks to realize some won’t ever come around.  They’ll ask for your help over and over and over.  They won’t like the answer, so they can’t hear the answer. 

I’m 5 weeks from starting P90X.  I want to lose a few more pounds before I do.  Nope, I’m not fat.  I want to be leaner before adding muscle.  

I’m counting calories, drinking water, watching macros… and what no one wants to hear

My goal is more important…food will come at my planned next meal.  I’ll live… I wish I could save my friend the frustration that comes with wanting so badly to help people who resist the help. Oh great, another way I can’t help πŸ˜‚ 

It hasn’t gotten easier for me either…and I’m Wonder Woman πŸ€—


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