No Choice?

I’ve been experiencing some feelings of workout/diet burnout.  I know, I know, it happens.  It can happen to me for a few different reasons. 

  1. I could be depressed.  My youngest had a bad seizure..and if that wasn’t bad enough, simply went to her yearly check up and left with another referral.  I guess now we will have another specialist.  She’s 13 and still not one sign of puberty…not…one.  I have to schedule with an endocrinologist to possibly find out why. 
  2. I could be tired of my program.  TurboFire is so much fun, but I have 5 more weeks of 20.  I will finish it.

Besides…I’m pretty excited about starting P90X with my husband at the end of August.  

I want to age like Dreya in the P90X videos

My husband says I’m built like Jillian now…so I really shouldn’t complain 

So, I started rereading the Beck Diet Solution.  I got to the part to make a response card stating “NO CHOICE.” I have always subscribed to the idea that I have a choice.  I choose to be healthy and workout so much.  By definition, I’m a success story.  I was obese.  I’m healthy now.  

Maybe there is something to this for me right now.  If I give myself a choice right now, I choose ice cream, tears, and long days on the couch.  Maybe right now I need to give myself no choice…because my choice isn’t based on my choice results….whoa.  Revelation.

So I will do the workouts.  I will swallow the supplements.  I will count the calories.  Eventually l’ll come around to choosing it again.


One thought on “No Choice?

  1. u2hearts

    I’m a huge fan of P90X done them all even with multiple sclerosis. However the original P90X is still my favorite. Love Chalene too.


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