When Stress Takes Over (aka This Past Week Was a Diet Fail..The Nightmare That Was Last Tuesday )

I’m going to share the nightmare that was last Tuesday.  My husband made a very touching video about it all, and he’s the one that was actually there for the nightmare.  I’m not an in front of the camera person.  I write. 

We have three daughters.  Their ages are 19, 14, and 13.  The 14 year old has multiple disabilities, and chances are we’ll never know them all.  The last appointment with the behavioral doctor, they estimated she’s mentally 12 months.  The 13 year old has autism and epilepsy.  She’s more high functioning; she’s mentally 2 or 3 years.  

The 13 year old had a seizure Tuesday.  She had localized seizures in the past.  She had face twitches or staring spells.  She was on medication for them a few years ago.  The neurologist (who is one of the best) took her off seizure medication due to her having trouble gaining weight.  Tuesday, though, was her first grand mal, all over, full body seizure.  I wasn’t there, but she turned blue, slumped over, and was not breathing.  My fast acting amazingly smart husband gave her mouth to mouth and brought her back around.  After calling 911, he called me at work.  That hour was the longest drive ever to get to the hospital.  My husband had to obviously stay with the 14 year old.  My mother in law thank goodness met the ambulance at the hospital.

My daughter is ok now, home, and tapering up back onto seizure medication. She remembers nothing.  

My husband and I, we will never forget.  This past week my diet has been best described as “screw it, I don’t care.” Until of course, the weigh-in today.  It’s not as bad as I earned it to be, but it’s time to reign it back in.  I know how easy it is to get completely side-tracked.  Our girls need us healthy.  

So, I’ll drink the minimum 80oz of water, and I’ll keep my calories in check.  I’ll forgive last week, too, because almost losing one of the loves of your life is an unbelievable reason to be emotional.  


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