Have You Heard of Charity Miles?

This is a free app, and it donates to charity when you walk, jog, or bike.  If you’re indoors it counts miles using your phone pedometer.  If you’re outdoors, it uses gps.  

  • It can run in the background.  I run it behind podcasts and Pokémon Go
  • Other cardio works, I use an arm band with it for TurboFire 
  • You pick from a variety of charities.  I pick Autism Speaks, because I have two daughters with autism. St Jude etc are options
  • The donations come from companies, it will tell you the company that is sponsoring the workout you’re about to do when you start the app.

It has been added motivation for me, and as someone without a lot of disposable income it’s a way to give back.  


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