What Supplements Do I Take?  Why Don’t I Rattle When I Walk?!!

First, a disclaimer.  I’m not a doctor. I’m not a personal trainer.  I’m not even a Beachbody Coach.  I have no right or ability to tell you what supplements to take.  

This is simply a record of what I’ve found that works for me. 

First thing in the morning/pre workout drink.  Two scoops of ON Amino Energy, one-half teaspoon creatine monohydrate, and one-fourth teaspoon baking soda.  

With breakfast:  one of my two per day multi vitamins, one fish oil, one vitamin D, one glucosamine sulfate, one DHEA, one milk thistle, and one acidophilus

If the workout for the day includes weights, a protein shake after.

With lunch:  fish oil, b complex, glucosamine sulfate, acidophilus, collagen, chromium piccolinate, vitamin C, and multi vitamin 

With dinner:  acidophilus, ginger root, fish oil, cod liver oil, magnesium, and collagen 

I also take a fat burner a couple times per day. 

So, that’s my day in supplements.  I do count the supplement calories in my daily calorie count.  


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